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Critical extracts

Miquel Farré

Xavier Montsalvatge, La Vanguardia : "The recital by Miquel Farré allowed us to appreciate once again the superior talent of this pianist. He consistently manages to elicit the impression among the entire audience that we are before a true concert pianist. This is demonstrated by the force and brilliance of his technique, by the way in which he "grasps the meaning" of each work, which he grants its appropriate dimension."

Antonio Gallego, San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts: "The art of Miquel Farré is that of a true master. The technique, which is very solid, and the refined sound, are at the service of that which is truly important, which is the integral recreation of the works he interprets."

Julio Andrade, Ideal Gallego: "In short, superior technique at the service of expression."

Emilio J. Quero, Heraldo de Aragón: "A sober and elegant Miquel Farré..."

Aguiló de Cáceres, Diario de Mallorca: "Miquel Farré demonstrated his undeniable technical dexterity along with flawless diction."

Gérard Condé, Le Monde: "Miquel Farré, exceptional performer of Federico Mompou (...)."

C.F.., L'Alsace-Estrasbourg: "The evening has allowed the Colmar audience to discover an extraordinary pianist, Miquel Farré."

Erik Forsgren, Norrbottenskuriren: "A great Catalan pianist has visited Pitea. (..) In the Liszt sonata, Miquel Farré displayed the whole range of his tonal resources ... from subdued to vehement. It was dynamic and intense."

Carleton Sprague Smith, Spanish Institute: "Miquel Farré is a first-class pianist who interpreted with masterful skill and uncommon sensitivity."

Heuwell Tircuit, San Francisco Chronicle: "Miquel Farré is an exceptional artist on all levels. Farré displays immaculate technical mastery, with full control of the colour as well as the notes. One rarely has the opportunity to listen to such an impeccable performance, in which absolutely every note is in its place. It was supernatural."